Stephanie Aquino Smith

Stephanie Aquino Smith is a New York City based art director, educator, photographer, and producer. Her work has been seen on Beat Bobby Flay, iTunes, and Vogue Italia. She is also a featured artist in Voyage LA Magazine.

Stephanie enjoys combining her creative expertise with strategic organization skills. She graduated with her Master of Arts in Strategic Communications from National University. While traveling, she was inspired to take her creative career to the next level and enrolled in a business course at the University of California, Los Angeles. These two opportunities helped her grow her skills in business development, crisis management, and marketing campaigns.

While Stephanie was enrolled for her Bachelor of Fine Arts at The Academy of Art University of San Francisco, she photographed local boutiques and traveled to Los Angeles and New York City for production opportunities.

She interned for internationally published photographer, Frankie Batista, who taught her how to maneuver through the industry and run a successful business. Stephanie was fortunate enough to assist him on editorial shoots, which included Kelly Osborne for Glamour Mexico.

Outside of photography, Stephanie works on commercials, music videos, and films. While freelancing for Framework Studio, she created props for Spike TV’s Guys Choice Award’s and coordinated a photoshoot for Pitch Perfect 3. Stephanie also freelances for Big Riot Creative, where she did set design for a Braille Institute commercial and assisted on a Coca-Cola commercial starring MAX and Zendaya.

Stephanie is now independently collaborating with artists and productions on campaigns and creative branding. While firmly believing that sharing your knowledge is the best ways to help others, she also consults and teaches. 

Stephanie resides in New York City, where she is continuing to pursue her career in the arts. Please contact her at for further inquiries.